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Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009
11:21 am
The year might be almost over, but I've finally got a Mutants & Masterminds product out :)

War on Christmas!

A new villain's in town, just in time for the holiday season! Shopping malls, toy stores, and the city's Christmas tree are all targets. Like a cold wind from the icy North, Krampus has come to town...and everyone's on his naughty list. Can your heroes stop a madman before he succeeds in a War on Christmas ?

War on Christmas is an exciting adventure for a group of 4-6 PL 10 characters, although with minor alterations, it can be adjusted for any PL.

Available now at Your Games Now.

Thursday, July 3rd, 2008
3:24 pm
Power Chasers
 A thought came to me while I was at the gym today.  If in particular worlds where superpowers can be gained by being exposed to life threatening accidents, then surely there would be groups of people, maybe young people, who deliberately put themselves in harms way in an attempt to gain them?

Just a thought that might be worth exploring in an adventure or two.

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Tuesday, May 20th, 2008
11:24 am
Playtesters Wanted
Ninja Cow Studio and Protocol Zero Productions are looking for playtesters interested in giving new material a run though and provide feedback. At the moment, we're looking for 3 roleplaying groups who would be willing to run an adventure intended for publication in the very near future.  We have a tight timeline for this, intending for playtesting to be completed within one month after the start date.

A yahoo group will be created for playtesters to have a central place to deposit their notes.

Anyone interested should contact PZP at pzp@protocolzero.com
Sunday, May 4th, 2008
4:06 pm
Out OF Time – Part Two

Not sure if anyone is reading these, but until someone asks me to stop, I'll keep posting

With Friends Like These…


Mindblaze and Terry researched Major Power, the Golden Ankh, and the other members of the Super Squadron.  They discovered that Major Power was the subject of comic book stories, theatre and television serials, even a number of movies.  The information on him was vast, but much of it uncorroborated.  Further information could be found regarding the Golden Ankh, who didn’t seem to possess the amount of fame as Major Power, still had a semblance of a following, most importantly, Mindblaze learns that the Golden Ankh requires the mirror of Kesh-Atum to teleport, and that he possessed two ravens. Further research reveals that the mirror now belongs to Bruce Hanson, the leader of an extremist white supremacist group known as White Nation.


Sovereign engaged his many contacts within the Australian Government, to gain access to the site of Dr Gozu’s lab in Nagasaki, but due to the international nature of the request, it would take some time.


Kid Rush took advantage of Sovereign’s breaks to discuss with him some of his concerns regarding the Watch’s lack of teamwork.  Sovereign explains that he has been trying to initiate some team bonding activities, but they won’t work if they aren’t attended.  Kid Rush agrees, and Sovereign suggests that perhaps a power-free game of cricket would but a fun way for the team to bond.


With his discussion with Sovereign over, Kid Rush then visited Mindblaze to ask him if there was some way that the psychic could help protect him from Psiatica’s powers.  Mindblaze advised that anything he tried could potentially be detecting by the telepathic villain.  Mindblaze also noticed the tell-tale signs the Kid Rush had already under some mental compulsion.  Kid Rush agreed to be examined, and Mindblaze discovered that the Emerald Speedster had been given two mental commands – not to do anything to hurt Psiatica, and to do anything that she asked of him.


Kid Rush denied that he was under any mental manipulation, and wouldn’t allow Mindblaze to clear him of the compulsion.  Kid Rush did agree though, that Mindblaze could discuss his suspicions with Sovereign.


Finally, Kid Rush organized to meet with Psiatica that night, to update her on his encounter with Colin Peters.


Silver Dragon, confused by all the talk regarding WWII heroes decides to do his own research into the war. His discoveries sicken him, and once again he wonders why he is spending time in the outside world.


Outsider continued his search for the missing boy, Carson Hunter.  His search finally bore fruit when a citizen recognized an image of the boy and directed Outsider to a local shopping centre.  Outsider asked to review any security tapes, and discovered that Carson had been in contact with another, older boy.  The two disappeared from camera view, and then the older boy reappeared, dusting off his clothes before leaving the centre.  Carson never reappeared.  Going to the area where the boys were last seen, Outsider discovers a pile of ash hidden in a fire-hose cabinet. Asking Polestar to join him, Outsider advised him of the situation. Polestar scooped up the dust and took it to the Hall of Vigilance for Terry to analyze.  After several hours, Terry advises Polestar and Outsider that the dust was a collection of carbon, sodium, chlorides, magnesium, and other trace elements in proportions that you would expect to find in a human body.  Both Polestar and Outsider agree that Carson must have been a Dire Skreel, and had ‘subsumed’ the older boy.  Outsider feels it would be best to talk to Carson’s uncle and aunt, first to advise them that they suspect that Carson had passed away, and secondly to ensure that they themselves where not aliens in disguise.


The visit to Carson’s relatives house revealed that neither his aunt nor uncle were Dire Skreel, and neither where their 2 children.  An examination of Carson’s room also turned up a pile of dust hidden under his bed.  Fearing the worst, this dust too was delivered to the Hall of Vigilance for Terry to analyze.


Later that night, Kid Rush in his secret ID of Danny arrives at Psiatica’s penthouse apartment.  He explained to her that he had arrived at Coolin’s place too late, and that he had already been murdered.  Psiatica, angry at Danny’s failure slams the dorr of her bedroom closed, telling him to leave her alone as she needed to come up with some way of recouping the money that Colin had stolen from her.  As he was about to leave, Danny hears a scream of fear coming from Psiatica’s room.  Opening the door, he surprises a black cloaked and cowled man floating in the air over Psiatica.  The man turns and faces Danny, and Danny feels paralyzed by feelings of guilt over the harm that he had caused others over his life.  Regardless of the consequences, Danny rushes into the room, graps the almost catatonic Psiatica, and then flees down the fire escape.  As he leaves, the cloaked man tells Ryan that no matter how fast he runs, he will never be able to run far enough away to escape his sins.


Arriving at a hospital, Danny had Psiatica seen by an ER doctor while he waits.  Hours pass, and finally the doctor says that Danny can now see Psiatica, but she is still in a delicate state and not to tire her. Conversely, Psiatica has no interest in remaining in hospital, though she has no recollection of how she got there, she wants Danny to take her home, not to her penthouse, but to a beach house where she says she will feel safer.  Danny agrees, and once he is sure she is safe, returns to the Hall of Vigilance to report.


Once he has finished reporting, both Sovereign and Mindblaze immediately recognize the description of the Revenant, another member of the Super Squadron – missing since WWII.

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008
11:34 am
Adults to Children
I'm looking at running an adventure for my group where the player characters are all turned into children around the ages of 6-10.  At the moment, all I have is that seed, and a potential villain called Pouk.  

Now Pouk is an alien being, similar to an Eternal (for those who know anything about the Watchverse, he is a Traxonian), who has been known to play pranks on others before.   Currently, the player characters are also aware that Pouk is responsible for the amnesia that is plaguing the remaining Traxonians on Earth. They don't really know why he is doing it, only that he has.

I really don't want the trick that Pouk plays on the player characters to be connected to the Amnesia trick, but I'm kind of at a loss to why he does it, or how the player characters figure it out.  Pouk, BTW, is basically your eternal naughty boy, who has pretty much PLX rank illusion powers.

Any help or suggestions regarding this would be great.  Normally, I'm great at nutting out adventures, but this one is really giving me a hard time.


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Sunday, April 20th, 2008
9:17 am
Out of Time - Part One

Old Friends

Out on patrol late in the evening, Sovereign follows several police cars as the speed through the streets on their way to a call out.  Arriving at a dark alley, Sovereign is met by Blue Bolt and White Howler.  On the ground is the body of a prostitute, her face frozen in a mask of fear.  Blue Bolt tells Sovereign that there have been for others like the current victim over the last two weeks, none with any visible sign of death.  Sovereign calls Talabar to attend, in the hopes his super-scent will uncover any clues.  Unfortunately, Talabar can uncover nothing new.


Kid Rush, disguised as Danny, is in Psiatica’s apartment, the two of them laying together on the bed.  A phone rings, and Psiatica answers.  He voice is curt and businesslike.  When she hangs up she flings the phone across the room.  One of her Boost distributers, Colin Peters,  has been skimming proceeds off the top.  Psiatica asks Danny to pay him a visit and explain to him the error of his ways.   Kid Rush agrees.


* * * * *


The following day, Polestar completes the cleanup of Blackwater.  After testing all the townsfolk, none prove to be Dire Skreel, though several people from the town records are cannot be located.  UNISEC commander Colonel Turlington declares the quarantine over, and thanks Polestar for his help.  The two other Polestars assigned to assist the investigation leave the planet, talking the infected area of Swagman’s Grove with them.  Polestar returns to Federation City, debating whether he should petition Polestar Command to place an interdiction around the planet.


Later that evening, Outsider continues his search for the missing boy, Carson Hunter.  His efforts have proven futile, despite having alerted the police and various welfare groups around the city.  Worried for the boy’s safety, Outsider has only briefly returned to the hall, spending the rest of his time scouring the city looking for him.


Andromeda flies up to Outsider and tells him that she is concerned for him.  His search is commendable, but he has done all that he can right now.  She would like him to take a break, and join her for dinner. At first hesitant, Outsider agrees, and the two fly to a restaurant that Andromeda had booked earlier, the prestigious Le Courte, on the 95th floor of the Majestic Building.  Sitting down to a wonderful late dinner, Andromeda and Outsider discuss their relationship, bonding again after the troubles form recent adventures.


Kid Rush, again disguised as Danny, arrives at the apartment complex where the Boost distributor lives. Bluffing his way past the doorman, Kid Rush makes his way to the 14th floor and is about to knock on Colin’s door, when he hears a man shouting fearfully, and the report of 3 gun shots.  Kid Rush waits by the door for anyone to come out.


Outsider and Andromeda are startled by the sound of shattering glass.  A green and yellow super grabs Andromeda by the neck and leaps out through the roof, showering plaster and mortar down on the customers below.  Outsider uses the confusion to change into his costume, checks to make sure that nobody is hurt, and then flies out of the hole in pursuit while making a call out to the other members of the watch.


Kid Rush hears something heavy hit the floor behind the closed door, and decides it’s time to make a move.  It takes three kicks to break down the door, and he finds Colin dead in his apartment, his face twisted with fear and a smoking gun in his hand.  Quickly searching the apartment, Kid Rush finds nobody else present.  Putting a call in to emergency services anonymously, he then changes into his costume and responds to Outsider’s call for help.


The Green clad super held Andromeda in the air by her arms, holding them apart so she couldn’t bring them together and change into her super-powered form.  I one swift move, he throws her to the ground 100s of feet below them while holding onto her bracelets.


Outsider flies towards the super, crashing into him hard and then tries to grapple him.  The stranger shrugs off Outsider’s attempts with ease, but the struggle causes him to drop the bracelets.  With no time to lose, Outsider dives after Andromeda to catch her.  His first attempt misses, and as the ground rapidly approaches, she reaches out her hand and Outsider grabs it.  Flying back up with Andromeda in his arms, Outsider retrieves her bracelets and she transforms.  The pair turn to pursue their attacker.


The stranger lands on the streets, and launches into a run, breaking the sound barrier and causing untold amounts of damage.  Sovereign arrives on his bike as the stranger barrels down the street towards him.  Using his bike a missile, Sovereign drives it into him, leaping off at the last instant.  The bike explodes, causing no damage to the stranger as he continues to run past.


Silver Dragon arrives from China Town, and tries to trip the running super.  He fails, but succeeds to draw the man’s attention.  He skids to a halt, tearing up the road, and turns to face Silver Dragon, throwing a punch at the same time.  The blow misses, but the force of it causes a sonic boom.


The rest of the Watch arrive, and try to subdue the stranger.  Sovereign recognizes him as Major Power, a lost hero from WWII.  He tells the rest of the team, asking that they use minimum force.  Physical blows seem to have no effect on him, but Mindblaze’s mental blasts slowly whittles away at his defenses until a combined effort from him, Andromeda, and Polestar succeeds in knocking Major Power unconscious.


The Watch escort Major Power to the Cage, where they try to find out what’s going on.  Major Power refuses to cooperate, only replying with his code name and service number.  Frustrated, Sovereign asks Andromeda and Outsider to stand guard outside his cell while the rest of the Watch returned to the Hall of Vigilance to conduct some research.


Later that evening, a flash of energy dazzles Outsider and Andromeda for a moment.  Before they can react, the Golden Ankh appears in Major Power’s cell, touches him on the shoulder, and the pair disappear. 

* * * * *

I have to admit that this went really well. The general comments from the group where, "Wow, that was tough". 

I was a bit surprised at how Kid Rush let the ball drop during his highlight, as my intention was that he would catch the perp (who was a team-mate of Major Power), and that Major power would escape.  A quick change of plans, and the game was back on track :)

Wednesday, April 9th, 2008
11:21 am
Invaders From Beyond - part three
 Okay, first off, I'd like to apologize for this post. I don't think it's exactly up to my usual standard for some reason... quite laboured to be honest with you. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the conclusion to...

Invaders From Beyond - pt 3

The captured Dire Skreel concentrated for a moment, and then focus all their magical power into the lead Skreel, who uses that power to enhance its mental powers. Before the heroes can react, the lead Skreel releases a mental blast that fills the entire area. Sovereign, Polestar, and Andromeda collapse, while the rest of the Watched are hurt, but remain on their feet. As Polestar falls to the ground, the sphere of purple light surrounding the Skreel dissolves and the aliens take advantage of their release by leaping into offensive, each one targeting a single hero, except for their leader who stood back.

Silver Dragon avoided his attacker and used his Chi powers to revive Polestar. Kid Rush knocks out the Skreel moving to attack him, and then moved to stand over the fallen form of Andromeda while Sovereign was already beginning to recover. Outsider struggled with a Skreel that had grappled with him and in a blinding move struck out with its tongue and attached it to Outsider’s forehead, attempting to absorb his essence and imitate him. Talabar and Mindblaze struggled against their own assailants, avoiding the aliens’ attempts at using their tongues.

Outsider roars in fury as the Skreel attacking him begins to take his form, and in a single move grabs its head and smashes it’s face into the floor, disengaging it’s tongue and rendering it unconscious. Kid Rush hits the Skeel trying to attack Andromeda, but only bruises it. Silver Dragon moved over to Andromeda, pushed Kid Rush out of the way and then once again used his Chi energy to revive her. Sovereign continues to revive slowly, raising himself onto one elbow and shaking his head to clear it. Mindblaze fires a TK blast at his assailant, but the Skreel avoids it. Talabar grapples with his Skreel and uses a wrestling move to slam it into the ground, with no immediate effect. Polestar avoids the Skreel attacking him and fires a lethal laser at the lead Skreel, searing it along the side and drawing an enraged scream from it.

Screaming at her followers to “subsume” the heroes, the lead Skreel begins casting a spell. Outsider recognizes the moves and yells that she is casting a spell of teleportation, but before he could react, he notices a Skreel notices that Silver Dragon and Kid Rush are too busy with their own Skreel to protect Andromeda, who was still dazed from Silver Dragon’s healing. In a blur of movement he flew toward the Skreel threatening his girlfriend, grabs it by the head and drives it bodily into the wall, knocking it unconscious too. Kid Rush turns to face his Skreel and sees that it still possessed the shape of a little girl. Unble to hit her, Kid Rush hesitates, saying that he can’t hit a little girl. Andromeda, finally recovered, says that she can and throw her shield at it, rendering it unconscious. Getting to her feet, she asks Kid Rush if he is okay.

Polestar fired another blast at the lead Skreel, penetrating her shields and injuring her. The blast interrupts her concentration, and she disappears, he scream of pain lingering in the air for a moment after she is gone.

Rapidly, the rest of the Skreel are captured, and the one remaining conscious one is mind scanned by Mindblaze, in the hopes of finding some way to free the victims that had been subsumed by the aliens. At first, it resists his mental probes, but Mindblaze persists and finally manages to gain access to the alien’s mind. Within it’s mind he discovered that once a Dire Skreel had assumed a victim’s identity, that victim was killed in the process. A number of Dire Skreel had been released from the Null Zone, but the exact number was unknown to this particular Skreel. They also intended on taking over the Earth before trying to re-establish their interstellar empire.

With this knowledge, Polestar contacted the Corp, and spoke directly with the Prime Marshall, Polestar 1. The Prime Marshal was very concerned with what had occurred, and dispatched 2 other Polestars to help remove the Skreel infestation from Earth. Sovereign also contacted UNISEC (United Nations International Security Enforcement Corp) who would assist the Watch in quarantining the Town and help ascertain if any other Dire Skreel remained.

Meanwhile, Kid Rush returned to Carson Hunter’s relatives to inform them of the fate of the boy’s parents. Unfortunately, he learnt that Carson had disappeared shortly after he had been dropped off by Outsider. Returning to his team mates, Kid Rush informed Outsider of what occurred, and then returned to Federation City, stating that he had unfinished business to attend to. Before he left, Kid Rush had a quiet conversation with Sovereign, informing him that the Lords of Crime where planning on putting an end to the Young Impossibles interference with their plans.

Outsider and Andromeda had a brief discussion concerning the rocky state of their relationship, which concluded with the assurances that they were still good. Outsider then returned to Federation City himself, with the intention of finding Carson Hunter.

With Blackwater overrun with reporters, UNISEC agents, and Defense Personnel, Sovereign made brief phone call to his daughter, Victory Girl, to alert her that the Lords of Crime where planning to make a move against them.

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Friday, April 4th, 2008
2:36 pm
New Capes and Crooks Art

For anyone interested, Capes & Crooks #2 is getting close to release, so I thought I'd give you all a bit of a sneak peak at some of the art.  These two are both characters from a new regular feature of the magazine which provides details in playing supers on alternate Earths and settings.

Rangorr the Thunderer

and PNEUMA the Sorceress

Both these characters come from Nu-Earth, an Earth not to far in the future where a devastating event has plunged the Earth into a new ice-age.

Sunday, March 30th, 2008
11:16 pm
Invaders From Beyond - part two (continued)

Polestar, Outsider, Kid Rush, and Silver Dragon return to Earth after dealing with Janro Ka only to find the rest of the team missing.  A short search reveals the Gladius, and young Carson Hunter alone in the plane.  They discover the boy had been left alone for most of the day, and though the other heroes had gone into Swagman’s Grove, they hadn’t returned.

Outsider organized for the boy to be taken by Kid Rush to relatives outside of town, and on the speedster’s return they entered the Grove in search for their missing team-mates.  Finding the oddly glistening bank and deformed plant life, the heroes watched as two people entered the bank.  Fearing that the missing heroes were captured, or worse, within the pustulant growth, they blasted a hole in the wall and took the fight inside.

There, they found their team mates strung up in some alien goo, and a handful of the townsfolk chanting around a large machine that was giving off strange harmonics.  Sovereign yelled at the team to destroy the machine, and the fight was on.

Mindblaze telepathically probed the goo that was holding him to the wall and discovered it was some kind of life form, a quick mental blast later that the captured heroes were free.

While Sovereign and Andromeda concentrated on tearing the machine apart, the rest of the heroes attacked the townsfolk.  Quickly realizing that they were losing, Dr Jordan, the missing doctor from the hospital, ordered the other townsfolk to “subsume” the heroes, at which point many of the people shed their human guises and revealed themselves to be Dire Skreel who had used the device, invented by Dr Jordan, to free themselves from the Null Zone where they had been imprisoned millions of years ago.

Finally reaching the end of his limit, Polestar created an energy construct that would only contain Skreel and swept the room with it, capturing the aliens in a sphere against the wall.

Note - we ended the session here, as it had gotten quite late, and I was beginning to flag... Suffice to say, the fight isn't over, as Polestar's powers are only half as effective as magic, and quess what the Dire Skreel are going to use to blast out of the construct?  No No-Prize for that answer, True Believers :)

We should finish this adventure next week (fingers crossed).

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Invaders From Beyond - part two
With Polestar, Kid Rush, Outsider, and Silver Dragon gone to assist the distressed space-liner, there was only Sovereign, Andromeda, Talabar, and Mindblaze left at the town of Blackwater to try and discover exactly what was going on in the town.
Sovereign sent Mindblaze back to St Trilliums Hospital to further examine the strange device that Dr Jordan had built, hoping that some psychic residue would provide some hints.  Talabar, in his human alter ego of Terry Anu, was sent to find the local Aboriginal society and see if they had any information that would help. Lastly, Andromeda and Sovereign would meet with Constable Murphy at the sight of the shooting to explore the area together.

It didn’t take long to Terry to discover the local Aboriginal Center, where he spent some time asking questions that all pointed to the same answers.   People about town did begin to act strangely for no reason, but soon their behavior returned to a semblance of normality, and the area known as Swagman’s Grove was a dark and evil place where local Aboriginals refused to go.

Mindblaze again gained access to Dr Jordan’s device, and received from it a disturbing postcognition image of a black robed, purple-skinned figure exiting a portal and attacking the Dr with long mouth-tipped tongue.  Immediately he accessed the computer back that the Hall of Vigilance remotely and discovered the only creature in their files that matched the description of what he saw was a Skreel, but the match wasn’t perfect.

While Sovereign and Andromeda waited for Constable Murphy to arrive, a school bus drove by, but once past the heroes screeched to a stop.  A young boy leapt from the doors and ran towards the pair of heroes, calling out for them to help.  His teacher followed, yelling at him to return.  Andromeda took the boy aside to discover that the problem was while Sovereign tried to calm the teacher.  It didn’t take Sovereign long to learn that the teacher was acting oddly – not only was she exhibiting minimal facial expression despite her anger, her body language was also slightly out of synch with her conversation.  The teacher demanded the child be returned, but quickly gave up and returned to the bus and drove it away, leaving the distressed boy with the heroes.

Andromeda learned the boy’s name was Carson Hunter, and that he was terrified that the townsfolk had been turned into aliens, including his parents.  Now his teacher, Mrs. Cravitz, was taking his class to Swagman’s grove where all the children would be turned into aliens too.  Taking the boys claims seriously, Sovereign had Andromeda take the boy onto the Gladius and to follow the school bus while he waited for Murphy.

Constable Murphy finally arrived, and helped Sovereign with his questions, but it quickly became obvious to him that the police officer was also acting oddly, much like the teacher, Mrs. Cravitz.  At that point, Andromeda called Sovereign and told him that the school bus has stopped on the other side of Swagman’s Grove that the children were being led out.  Not willing to let the kids come to any harm, Andromeda said she would stop them, and Sovereign ordered Mindblaze and Talabar to join him and head towards the Grove.

The heroes arrived in time to see the bus returning to the road with a full load of children while Andromeda stood blocking the path that led into the Grove.  She told Sovereign that she has stopped Crivitz from taking the children into the undergrowth, but the encounter was “tense”.

Deciding it was time that they saw exactly what was going on in Swagman’s Grove, the heroes followed the path into the undergrowth. Quickly, the plant life became bloated and disfigured, almost as if they had stepped into another world.  In the centre of the Grove, they discovered the bank of the river looked odd – too shiny, as if it had been covered with a thin layer of slime.  A sudden noise caused the heroes to hide, and they saw Constable Murphy walk towards the glisten bank and wave his hand over a section.  An organic opening appeared and he stepped though.  The heroes came out of hiding only to be surprised by a little girl stepping out of the foliage.  Before they could react, she attacked them with a mental stun blast, and rendered them all unconscious.

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8:26 am
Invaders From Beyond - part one

While at a casual social night organized for current and past Watch members by Sovereign, Polestar’s Cosmic Awareness detected another cosmic event.  Accompanied by Outsider, Polestar traced the event to the small city of Blackwater, approximately 80 miles north west of Federation City in the Great Dividing range.  As the rest of the Watch arrived, the event died away, leaving Polestar unable to detect the exact location of the disturbance.


Mindblaze ran a computer search looking for any specifically strange events that may have been reported about the town, and discovered a series of articles detailing a number of alien abductions and strange noises heard about town.  The reports indicated a small wooded area outside of town know as Swagman’s Grove as the point of origin. Alarmingly, it seemed that Blackwater also has a history of disliking both superpowered humans and aliens, as most of the reports found had a very negative anti-super vibe.


Although the hour was very late, Polestar wanted to initiate a door knock, though the rest of the Watch felt that the disruption at such an hour would produce no real results.  Retreating to the Gladius, the Watch agreed to sleep until morning when they would take up the investigation again.


Not needing to sleep, Outsider was out early to purchase a local newspaper when he found a copy of the last day’s Blackwater Tribunal.  There, he discovered an article detailing the increased reports of alien abductions in the town.  A recent event involving a local having been committed to hospital after shooting a police officer was also noted in the article.  The local alleges that he was kidnapped by aliens.


Once the the Watch awoke, and after breakfasting on Italian coffee and French pastries delivered by Kid Rush, they decided to visit St Trillium’s Hospital where the local was being kept, to speak to his psychiatrist, Dr Aliesha Harding.  After a brief discussion, Sovereign, Mindblaze, and Polestar where given permission to interrogate the committed local, James Natch.  With the patient’s approval, Mindblaze telepathically reviewed his memory, where the events of the previous night was shown to involve indistinct aliens, a black robed and cowled alien, and a human/alien hybrid that was connected to a strange machine. 


With all the information they could gather from James collected, the heroes continued to question the doctor in her office regarding alien abduction.  The doctor felt that he majority of reports where the result of mass hysteria, but admitted that there had, to her knowledge, been only one definite example of an abduction, and that was another local doctor, Evania Jordan, who was working on an experimental technique to use soundwaves to help patients suffering from chemical imbalancesin the brain.  The doctor had disappeared 2 month previously, and the police had been unable to find any clues to her abductors.  After seeing a photograph of the missing doctor, the heroes recognized her as the human/alien hybrid in James’ memories.  Examining the missing doctor’s lab revealed a much smaller copy of the machine the hybrid was manipulating in James’ memories.


Having exhausted all avenues at the hospital, the heroes returned to the Gladius to discuss their options.  Sovereign contacted the local police chief, Senior Sergeant O’Reilly, to speak try to spead with the officer that was shot at by James Natch.  The officer, Constable Murphy,  advised Sovereign that the shooting occurred on the road running beside Swagman’s Grove, and he would be happy to show Sovereign exactly where it happned.


Meanwhile, Outsider performed his own investigations in his secret ID.  After talking to locals, he discovered that the stories of alien abduction are not taken seriously, and many view them as nothing more than an attempt to draw tourists to the area.  Outsider also heard of locals that would act strangely, almost disassociated, for a short period of time, but would rapidly return to normal.


Further discussions ensued, with possible explanations of what was occurring in Blackwater explored. Sovereign believed that Dr Harding is performing human experiments with her machine, and then planting false memories of alien abduction into the minds of her victims.  Polestar suggested there may be Skreel involved bcause the appearance of Dr Harding’s limbs in James’ memories reminded him of the purple-skinned shapeshifting alien race.  Neither of these events though, would trigger Polestar’s Cosmic Awareness.  With still many holes left in their theories, the Watch concluded

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Saturday, March 22nd, 2008
11:50 am
Golden Age Thoughts

I'm working to up a team of Golden Age heroes for an adventure I plan to run.  These heroes were a black ops team, sent to Japan after they bombed Darwin (Australia) to put an end to the yellow peril (local slang) once and for all.  Unfortunately, they were never heard from again. The general Australian public knew very little about this team, so their disappearance didn't do much to damage the war effort.  What it did do though, was cause Australia to be more careful with their big public team, the Watch, keeping them as mainly home guard agents.

The team I'm going to use is going to be a homage to the old Defenders of the Earth.  So far I have come up with this.

Black Dingo (Phantom): can mimic the abilities of Australian animals. Leader of the advanced aboriginal nation of Yamurrudhar, Black Dingo lent his aid to the Government of Australia once he realized that the wars of the outside world would also impact on his own people.  Using the ancestral knowledge of his people, Black Dingo is able to call upon the Dreaming and use the powers of Australian native animals.

Golden Ankh (Mandrake): uses magic, mainly illusions to create fear.  Peter Falk-Davis was an archeologist who was fascinated by the occult, and successfully combined the two in his research.  Investigating ancient Egyptian mysticism, Peter discovered the lost tomb of Immutef, the Royal Sorcerer and Vizier of Pharaoh Doser.  Within the tomb, amongst all the finery, he felt himself drawn to a golden ankh, and once he placed is around his neck, Peter’s mind was flooded with the knowledge of ancient Egyptian magic.  A sudden Earthquake caused the tomb to collapse, with Peter only barely escaping alive.  No matter how hard he looked, he could never find the tomb again.  As the Golden Ankh, Peter used his mastery of enchantment and illusion to fight crime alongside his faithful Egyptian sidekick Keb.

Human Weapon (Lothar Junior): Randal Dane was a martial arts expert, gaining his training as a youth traveling through Asia with his diplomat father.  Returning to Australia as a young man, he become involved in crime fighting after his was mugged by hooligans in Federation City.  His skills and actions came to the attention of the Australian Government, and he was asked to first train, and then join the Justice Brigade.  Randal was more than happy to serve his country in it’s hour of need.

Keb (Lothar): a brick and Golden Ankh’s companion. Keb met Peter Falk-Davis during the archeologist’s travels through Egypt.  Peter hired the powerfully build Egyptian as a translator and guide, but the two rapidly became friends and constant companions.  Along with excellent survival and athletic skills, Keb possesses a minor amount of superhuman strength that he attributes to clean living and his vegetarian eating habits.

Psychic Girl (Jedda Walker): young woman with mental powers. Kitty Runner is a young Australian woman discovered by the Golden Ankh who possessed amazing psychic powers.  Although she was able to sense things remotely, communicate telepathically, and possessed an incredible affinity with animals, she had little control of her abilities, and they were slowly driving her insane.  The Golden Ankh took her under his wing, teaching her mental control techniques that have proven to aid Kitty in become a powerful crime fighter in her own right.

Rocket Boy (Rick Gordon): Sky Captain’s genius sidekick and son.  Dale Linden is the son of Gerald Linden, and the pink skinned Xon woman Ardo.  Dale spent the first few years of his life growing up on Xon-La, the home planet of his mother.  Inexplicably transported to Earth with his father, Dale attended human schools, where his genius level IQ was discovered and nurtured.  Graduating from Federation City University at the young age of 11, Dale and his father were contacted by the Australian Government to aid them in the war effort.  Dale used his incredible intellect to invent a number of amazing gadgets, most of which were used by his father during World War II.

Sky Captain (Flash Gordon): uses various futuristic gadgets, such as a jet pack and blaster, designed by Rocket Boy. Star rover with the Federation ‘Burras football team, and graduate of Federation City University, Gerald Linden was caught in a strange energy beam and transported to the planet Xon-Lo, where he was enslaved.  Drawing together like-minded pink skinned Xon; he incited a rebellion aimed to free the slaves.  The rebellion lasted many years, during which Gerald fell in love with Ardo, and fathered a son.  During the last days of the rebellion, Ardo was killed, leaving Gerald distraught, but steeled his resolve to free the pink skinned Xon once and for all.  When he succeeded in his task, Gerald and his son were once again enveloped in a strange energy beam and returned to earth. Unable to stand the injustice that he found on his home planet, Gerald continued his crusade on Earth, with inventions created for him by his son.  Eventually, the Australian Government asked Sky Captain to lead the Justice Brigade, and take the fight to the heart of the Japan.

The only difficulty I'm having is incorporating Kshin and Zuffy into the group... to be honest with you, I don't really want to add Zuffy at all, cause he annoyed the crap outta me :)  Anyway, I guess I posted here for some thoughts and ideas.  Does this group sound Golden Age enough?  Is there more I can do with them?  Any thoughts or ideas would be helpful.

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Sunday, March 16th, 2008
11:18 am
Watch Unlimited
Ran a one-shot for my group last night that panned out far better than I thought it would. About half my normal compliment couldn't make it, so I quickly knocked up an adventure out in space with a hijacked space-liner.

Polestar (our Green Lantern homage) received a call from another Polestar informing him that Janro Ka (there's an Easter Egg in there), a notorious space pirate and his followers had taken everyone on the Galactic Princess hostage, as was going to kill them if 74 cubic tons of iridium weren't delivered to him in 24 hours. Polestar took off, taking Outsider (Superman homage), Kid Rush (Flash homage), and Silver Dragon (kinda Iron Fist/Shang Chi homage) with him.

Some clever thinking, and the team used a comet head to sneak up to the liner and made their way onboard. From there they split up, with the mook busters Kid Rush and Silver Dragon taking on the pirates that were guarding the hostages while Polestar and Outsider went after Janro. The mook buster cleaned up, but the other two realized quickly that they had underestimated the pirate. A short battle later, which involved energy blasts, damaged control consoles, and accidental explosive decompression, Janro was captured. Unfortunately, all the shenanigans on the bridge caused the ships power generator to overload, and the heroes had to remove it from the ship. Outsider did the heroic thing, and teleported with the device far out into space, knowing that it would leave him unable to defend himself from the blast (due to flaws on his teleport power).

The heroes saved the day, we had a brilliant time, but alas Janro was transmatted out of the heroes grasp by his followers and escaped. Still, not a single civilian lost their lives and the Watch's reputation continues to grow beyond the reaches of their home planet.

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Monday, March 3rd, 2008
6:30 am
Great Session
I try to get together with my nieces about once a fortnight to run some M&M for them. Doesn't always happen, cause RL can get in the way, and let's face it, they're teenage girls with problems of their own, that at times, can seem bigger then Mount Everest.

Anyway, we managed a session on Sunday, and man was it a good one. I used a fairly common trope in comics. Big Monster attacks, team has to stop it before it causes mayhem. I put a tiny twist in it, that the monster was after it's baby, which had been taken from it some time ago.

The scene was the boardwalk on New Hope Island. The teen team (Young Impossibles) were taking a well earned break and the twins were avoiding going home lest they get into trouble from their over-protective aunt. The two older members of the team where elsewhere in the city researching information on a missing professor.

To cut a long story short, the kids held off the monster, found out what it was after, helped her find it, and let her go... all without causing undue injury to the creature. It was great to see that once they realized that it wasn't some mad beast on a senseless rampage, they gave it a hand. I think this type of scenario is a really important one to run for most groups early on, to teach them to look beyond the obvious, and see the reason behind the actions. The kids did this, and I'm really proud of them.

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Saturday, March 1st, 2008
2:29 pm
New Member

Hi Guys,

Just thought I'd just say a quick hi.  I only just stumbled upon this group right now, and had no idea it existed.  I've been playing M&M for over 3 years now.. closer to 4 I think, and was involved in the initial playtesting, which was mad fun.  These days I stull run the same campaing, but also publish under the M&M Superlink License.


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Monday, July 2nd, 2007
2:24 am
Hello, and a quick question for those experienced players/GM's out there...

While visiting a friend up north, I was introduced to M&M 2e and I have to say, just from reading the book it appears to be 'just' the type of game that I've been looking for for a 'long' time.... so long that I started to think of making something myself brewed from certain non-D20 game systems that I also like.

I had ignored this RPG line as it was usually listed as a D20 game which instantly turned me off... as I really am bored with the 'Class' based game systems out there... I've always been drawn to Skill based systems that appear to still give flexibility.  M&M seems to have that in spades. :)  So that made me once again log into LJ and track down this commuinity. :)  I'll lurk around here for awhile.  But I did have a quick question. :)

With the Posession power, how exactly would that work?

I was thinking of Posession at Rank 10... as an example going against a character 'like' the Battlesuit template listed on page 17 of the 2nd ed book.  I didn't yet find a well 'spelled out' example of these powers that work against the saves of someone else.  Perhaps I'm just being dense at this late hour of the night.  But I figured I'd ask here so others could clear my mind on this particular power. 

Tuesday, June 26th, 2007
2:07 pm
Free RPG Week

Follow the link to get a FREE PDF of the Beginners Guide!!  Sweet!  It looks like this is a limited time only deal!

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Friday, May 25th, 2007
4:16 pm
Vancouver B.C.
I am looking for players in the Vancouver BC area.  Or I am looking to play in a ungoing game.
Please contract me. Thanks

Wednesday, May 9th, 2007
10:51 pm

Can anyone suggest stats for making a Kryptonian-like character for?   And what Power level they may be in the game.   Thanks

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Tuesday, April 10th, 2007
8:28 pm
M&M 2e will be into its 3rd print run, now with the errata corrected.

I have a friend interested in writing current day stories using characters from our Marvel Super Heroes campaigns in the 90's. I have used several of those characters in my continuing M&M campaigns, so his is a divergence from my campaign. It will have several of our characters picking up in the current day, explaining what has transpired for our campaign world post 9-11, and where our characters have dispersed to. As I was the dominant Judge in our shared campaign world, and have the most exacting detailed memory of the group, I am contributing background material for my friend and refreshing his fond memories. We are leaving some of the eccentric characters aside, so that we do not need to rehash EVERY single backstory and sow confusion.

I'm hoping this inspires him to sit down at the gaming table again, as parenting and career had become a priority for him.
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