Zerimar (zerimar) wrote in mutantmastermnd,

Hello, and a quick question for those experienced players/GM's out there...

While visiting a friend up north, I was introduced to M&M 2e and I have to say, just from reading the book it appears to be 'just' the type of game that I've been looking for for a 'long' time.... so long that I started to think of making something myself brewed from certain non-D20 game systems that I also like.

I had ignored this RPG line as it was usually listed as a D20 game which instantly turned me off... as I really am bored with the 'Class' based game systems out there... I've always been drawn to Skill based systems that appear to still give flexibility.  M&M seems to have that in spades. :)  So that made me once again log into LJ and track down this commuinity. :)  I'll lurk around here for awhile.  But I did have a quick question. :)

With the Posession power, how exactly would that work?

I was thinking of Posession at Rank 10... as an example going against a character 'like' the Battlesuit template listed on page 17 of the 2nd ed book.  I didn't yet find a well 'spelled out' example of these powers that work against the saves of someone else.  Perhaps I'm just being dense at this late hour of the night.  But I figured I'd ask here so others could clear my mind on this particular power. 

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