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Great Session

I try to get together with my nieces about once a fortnight to run some M&M for them. Doesn't always happen, cause RL can get in the way, and let's face it, they're teenage girls with problems of their own, that at times, can seem bigger then Mount Everest.

Anyway, we managed a session on Sunday, and man was it a good one. I used a fairly common trope in comics. Big Monster attacks, team has to stop it before it causes mayhem. I put a tiny twist in it, that the monster was after it's baby, which had been taken from it some time ago.

The scene was the boardwalk on New Hope Island. The teen team (Young Impossibles) were taking a well earned break and the twins were avoiding going home lest they get into trouble from their over-protective aunt. The two older members of the team where elsewhere in the city researching information on a missing professor.

To cut a long story short, the kids held off the monster, found out what it was after, helped her find it, and let her go... all without causing undue injury to the creature. It was great to see that once they realized that it wasn't some mad beast on a senseless rampage, they gave it a hand. I think this type of scenario is a really important one to run for most groups early on, to teach them to look beyond the obvious, and see the reason behind the actions. The kids did this, and I'm really proud of them.
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