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Golden Age Thoughts

I'm working to up a team of Golden Age heroes for an adventure I plan to run.  These heroes were a black ops team, sent to Japan after they bombed Darwin (Australia) to put an end to the yellow peril (local slang) once and for all.  Unfortunately, they were never heard from again. The general Australian public knew very little about this team, so their disappearance didn't do much to damage the war effort.  What it did do though, was cause Australia to be more careful with their big public team, the Watch, keeping them as mainly home guard agents.

The team I'm going to use is going to be a homage to the old Defenders of the Earth.  So far I have come up with this.

Black Dingo (Phantom): can mimic the abilities of Australian animals. Leader of the advanced aboriginal nation of Yamurrudhar, Black Dingo lent his aid to the Government of Australia once he realized that the wars of the outside world would also impact on his own people.  Using the ancestral knowledge of his people, Black Dingo is able to call upon the Dreaming and use the powers of Australian native animals.

Golden Ankh (Mandrake): uses magic, mainly illusions to create fear.  Peter Falk-Davis was an archeologist who was fascinated by the occult, and successfully combined the two in his research.  Investigating ancient Egyptian mysticism, Peter discovered the lost tomb of Immutef, the Royal Sorcerer and Vizier of Pharaoh Doser.  Within the tomb, amongst all the finery, he felt himself drawn to a golden ankh, and once he placed is around his neck, Peter’s mind was flooded with the knowledge of ancient Egyptian magic.  A sudden Earthquake caused the tomb to collapse, with Peter only barely escaping alive.  No matter how hard he looked, he could never find the tomb again.  As the Golden Ankh, Peter used his mastery of enchantment and illusion to fight crime alongside his faithful Egyptian sidekick Keb.

Human Weapon (Lothar Junior): Randal Dane was a martial arts expert, gaining his training as a youth traveling through Asia with his diplomat father.  Returning to Australia as a young man, he become involved in crime fighting after his was mugged by hooligans in Federation City.  His skills and actions came to the attention of the Australian Government, and he was asked to first train, and then join the Justice Brigade.  Randal was more than happy to serve his country in it’s hour of need.

Keb (Lothar): a brick and Golden Ankh’s companion. Keb met Peter Falk-Davis during the archeologist’s travels through Egypt.  Peter hired the powerfully build Egyptian as a translator and guide, but the two rapidly became friends and constant companions.  Along with excellent survival and athletic skills, Keb possesses a minor amount of superhuman strength that he attributes to clean living and his vegetarian eating habits.

Psychic Girl (Jedda Walker): young woman with mental powers. Kitty Runner is a young Australian woman discovered by the Golden Ankh who possessed amazing psychic powers.  Although she was able to sense things remotely, communicate telepathically, and possessed an incredible affinity with animals, she had little control of her abilities, and they were slowly driving her insane.  The Golden Ankh took her under his wing, teaching her mental control techniques that have proven to aid Kitty in become a powerful crime fighter in her own right.

Rocket Boy (Rick Gordon): Sky Captain’s genius sidekick and son.  Dale Linden is the son of Gerald Linden, and the pink skinned Xon woman Ardo.  Dale spent the first few years of his life growing up on Xon-La, the home planet of his mother.  Inexplicably transported to Earth with his father, Dale attended human schools, where his genius level IQ was discovered and nurtured.  Graduating from Federation City University at the young age of 11, Dale and his father were contacted by the Australian Government to aid them in the war effort.  Dale used his incredible intellect to invent a number of amazing gadgets, most of which were used by his father during World War II.

Sky Captain (Flash Gordon): uses various futuristic gadgets, such as a jet pack and blaster, designed by Rocket Boy. Star rover with the Federation ‘Burras football team, and graduate of Federation City University, Gerald Linden was caught in a strange energy beam and transported to the planet Xon-Lo, where he was enslaved.  Drawing together like-minded pink skinned Xon; he incited a rebellion aimed to free the slaves.  The rebellion lasted many years, during which Gerald fell in love with Ardo, and fathered a son.  During the last days of the rebellion, Ardo was killed, leaving Gerald distraught, but steeled his resolve to free the pink skinned Xon once and for all.  When he succeeded in his task, Gerald and his son were once again enveloped in a strange energy beam and returned to earth. Unable to stand the injustice that he found on his home planet, Gerald continued his crusade on Earth, with inventions created for him by his son.  Eventually, the Australian Government asked Sky Captain to lead the Justice Brigade, and take the fight to the heart of the Japan.

The only difficulty I'm having is incorporating Kshin and Zuffy into the group... to be honest with you, I don't really want to add Zuffy at all, cause he annoyed the crap outta me :)  Anyway, I guess I posted here for some thoughts and ideas.  Does this group sound Golden Age enough?  Is there more I can do with them?  Any thoughts or ideas would be helpful.
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