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Invaders From Beyond - part two (continued)

Polestar, Outsider, Kid Rush, and Silver Dragon return to Earth after dealing with Janro Ka only to find the rest of the team missing.  A short search reveals the Gladius, and young Carson Hunter alone in the plane.  They discover the boy had been left alone for most of the day, and though the other heroes had gone into Swagman’s Grove, they hadn’t returned.

Outsider organized for the boy to be taken by Kid Rush to relatives outside of town, and on the speedster’s return they entered the Grove in search for their missing team-mates.  Finding the oddly glistening bank and deformed plant life, the heroes watched as two people entered the bank.  Fearing that the missing heroes were captured, or worse, within the pustulant growth, they blasted a hole in the wall and took the fight inside.

There, they found their team mates strung up in some alien goo, and a handful of the townsfolk chanting around a large machine that was giving off strange harmonics.  Sovereign yelled at the team to destroy the machine, and the fight was on.

Mindblaze telepathically probed the goo that was holding him to the wall and discovered it was some kind of life form, a quick mental blast later that the captured heroes were free.

While Sovereign and Andromeda concentrated on tearing the machine apart, the rest of the heroes attacked the townsfolk.  Quickly realizing that they were losing, Dr Jordan, the missing doctor from the hospital, ordered the other townsfolk to “subsume” the heroes, at which point many of the people shed their human guises and revealed themselves to be Dire Skreel who had used the device, invented by Dr Jordan, to free themselves from the Null Zone where they had been imprisoned millions of years ago.

Finally reaching the end of his limit, Polestar created an energy construct that would only contain Skreel and swept the room with it, capturing the aliens in a sphere against the wall.

Note - we ended the session here, as it had gotten quite late, and I was beginning to flag... Suffice to say, the fight isn't over, as Polestar's powers are only half as effective as magic, and quess what the Dire Skreel are going to use to blast out of the construct?  No No-Prize for that answer, True Believers :)

We should finish this adventure next week (fingers crossed).

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