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Invaders From Beyond - part three

 Okay, first off, I'd like to apologize for this post. I don't think it's exactly up to my usual standard for some reason... quite laboured to be honest with you. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the conclusion to...

Invaders From Beyond - pt 3

The captured Dire Skreel concentrated for a moment, and then focus all their magical power into the lead Skreel, who uses that power to enhance its mental powers. Before the heroes can react, the lead Skreel releases a mental blast that fills the entire area. Sovereign, Polestar, and Andromeda collapse, while the rest of the Watched are hurt, but remain on their feet. As Polestar falls to the ground, the sphere of purple light surrounding the Skreel dissolves and the aliens take advantage of their release by leaping into offensive, each one targeting a single hero, except for their leader who stood back.

Silver Dragon avoided his attacker and used his Chi powers to revive Polestar. Kid Rush knocks out the Skreel moving to attack him, and then moved to stand over the fallen form of Andromeda while Sovereign was already beginning to recover. Outsider struggled with a Skreel that had grappled with him and in a blinding move struck out with its tongue and attached it to Outsider’s forehead, attempting to absorb his essence and imitate him. Talabar and Mindblaze struggled against their own assailants, avoiding the aliens’ attempts at using their tongues.

Outsider roars in fury as the Skreel attacking him begins to take his form, and in a single move grabs its head and smashes it’s face into the floor, disengaging it’s tongue and rendering it unconscious. Kid Rush hits the Skeel trying to attack Andromeda, but only bruises it. Silver Dragon moved over to Andromeda, pushed Kid Rush out of the way and then once again used his Chi energy to revive her. Sovereign continues to revive slowly, raising himself onto one elbow and shaking his head to clear it. Mindblaze fires a TK blast at his assailant, but the Skreel avoids it. Talabar grapples with his Skreel and uses a wrestling move to slam it into the ground, with no immediate effect. Polestar avoids the Skreel attacking him and fires a lethal laser at the lead Skreel, searing it along the side and drawing an enraged scream from it.

Screaming at her followers to “subsume” the heroes, the lead Skreel begins casting a spell. Outsider recognizes the moves and yells that she is casting a spell of teleportation, but before he could react, he notices a Skreel notices that Silver Dragon and Kid Rush are too busy with their own Skreel to protect Andromeda, who was still dazed from Silver Dragon’s healing. In a blur of movement he flew toward the Skreel threatening his girlfriend, grabs it by the head and drives it bodily into the wall, knocking it unconscious too. Kid Rush turns to face his Skreel and sees that it still possessed the shape of a little girl. Unble to hit her, Kid Rush hesitates, saying that he can’t hit a little girl. Andromeda, finally recovered, says that she can and throw her shield at it, rendering it unconscious. Getting to her feet, she asks Kid Rush if he is okay.

Polestar fired another blast at the lead Skreel, penetrating her shields and injuring her. The blast interrupts her concentration, and she disappears, he scream of pain lingering in the air for a moment after she is gone.

Rapidly, the rest of the Skreel are captured, and the one remaining conscious one is mind scanned by Mindblaze, in the hopes of finding some way to free the victims that had been subsumed by the aliens. At first, it resists his mental probes, but Mindblaze persists and finally manages to gain access to the alien’s mind. Within it’s mind he discovered that once a Dire Skreel had assumed a victim’s identity, that victim was killed in the process. A number of Dire Skreel had been released from the Null Zone, but the exact number was unknown to this particular Skreel. They also intended on taking over the Earth before trying to re-establish their interstellar empire.

With this knowledge, Polestar contacted the Corp, and spoke directly with the Prime Marshall, Polestar 1. The Prime Marshal was very concerned with what had occurred, and dispatched 2 other Polestars to help remove the Skreel infestation from Earth. Sovereign also contacted UNISEC (United Nations International Security Enforcement Corp) who would assist the Watch in quarantining the Town and help ascertain if any other Dire Skreel remained.

Meanwhile, Kid Rush returned to Carson Hunter’s relatives to inform them of the fate of the boy’s parents. Unfortunately, he learnt that Carson had disappeared shortly after he had been dropped off by Outsider. Returning to his team mates, Kid Rush informed Outsider of what occurred, and then returned to Federation City, stating that he had unfinished business to attend to. Before he left, Kid Rush had a quiet conversation with Sovereign, informing him that the Lords of Crime where planning on putting an end to the Young Impossibles interference with their plans.

Outsider and Andromeda had a brief discussion concerning the rocky state of their relationship, which concluded with the assurances that they were still good. Outsider then returned to Federation City himself, with the intention of finding Carson Hunter.

With Blackwater overrun with reporters, UNISEC agents, and Defense Personnel, Sovereign made brief phone call to his daughter, Victory Girl, to alert her that the Lords of Crime where planning to make a move against them.
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