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Out of Time - Part One

Old Friends

Out on patrol late in the evening, Sovereign follows several police cars as the speed through the streets on their way to a call out.  Arriving at a dark alley, Sovereign is met by Blue Bolt and White Howler.  On the ground is the body of a prostitute, her face frozen in a mask of fear.  Blue Bolt tells Sovereign that there have been for others like the current victim over the last two weeks, none with any visible sign of death.  Sovereign calls Talabar to attend, in the hopes his super-scent will uncover any clues.  Unfortunately, Talabar can uncover nothing new.


Kid Rush, disguised as Danny, is in Psiatica’s apartment, the two of them laying together on the bed.  A phone rings, and Psiatica answers.  He voice is curt and businesslike.  When she hangs up she flings the phone across the room.  One of her Boost distributers, Colin Peters,  has been skimming proceeds off the top.  Psiatica asks Danny to pay him a visit and explain to him the error of his ways.   Kid Rush agrees.


* * * * *


The following day, Polestar completes the cleanup of Blackwater.  After testing all the townsfolk, none prove to be Dire Skreel, though several people from the town records are cannot be located.  UNISEC commander Colonel Turlington declares the quarantine over, and thanks Polestar for his help.  The two other Polestars assigned to assist the investigation leave the planet, talking the infected area of Swagman’s Grove with them.  Polestar returns to Federation City, debating whether he should petition Polestar Command to place an interdiction around the planet.


Later that evening, Outsider continues his search for the missing boy, Carson Hunter.  His efforts have proven futile, despite having alerted the police and various welfare groups around the city.  Worried for the boy’s safety, Outsider has only briefly returned to the hall, spending the rest of his time scouring the city looking for him.


Andromeda flies up to Outsider and tells him that she is concerned for him.  His search is commendable, but he has done all that he can right now.  She would like him to take a break, and join her for dinner. At first hesitant, Outsider agrees, and the two fly to a restaurant that Andromeda had booked earlier, the prestigious Le Courte, on the 95th floor of the Majestic Building.  Sitting down to a wonderful late dinner, Andromeda and Outsider discuss their relationship, bonding again after the troubles form recent adventures.


Kid Rush, again disguised as Danny, arrives at the apartment complex where the Boost distributor lives. Bluffing his way past the doorman, Kid Rush makes his way to the 14th floor and is about to knock on Colin’s door, when he hears a man shouting fearfully, and the report of 3 gun shots.  Kid Rush waits by the door for anyone to come out.


Outsider and Andromeda are startled by the sound of shattering glass.  A green and yellow super grabs Andromeda by the neck and leaps out through the roof, showering plaster and mortar down on the customers below.  Outsider uses the confusion to change into his costume, checks to make sure that nobody is hurt, and then flies out of the hole in pursuit while making a call out to the other members of the watch.


Kid Rush hears something heavy hit the floor behind the closed door, and decides it’s time to make a move.  It takes three kicks to break down the door, and he finds Colin dead in his apartment, his face twisted with fear and a smoking gun in his hand.  Quickly searching the apartment, Kid Rush finds nobody else present.  Putting a call in to emergency services anonymously, he then changes into his costume and responds to Outsider’s call for help.


The Green clad super held Andromeda in the air by her arms, holding them apart so she couldn’t bring them together and change into her super-powered form.  I one swift move, he throws her to the ground 100s of feet below them while holding onto her bracelets.


Outsider flies towards the super, crashing into him hard and then tries to grapple him.  The stranger shrugs off Outsider’s attempts with ease, but the struggle causes him to drop the bracelets.  With no time to lose, Outsider dives after Andromeda to catch her.  His first attempt misses, and as the ground rapidly approaches, she reaches out her hand and Outsider grabs it.  Flying back up with Andromeda in his arms, Outsider retrieves her bracelets and she transforms.  The pair turn to pursue their attacker.


The stranger lands on the streets, and launches into a run, breaking the sound barrier and causing untold amounts of damage.  Sovereign arrives on his bike as the stranger barrels down the street towards him.  Using his bike a missile, Sovereign drives it into him, leaping off at the last instant.  The bike explodes, causing no damage to the stranger as he continues to run past.


Silver Dragon arrives from China Town, and tries to trip the running super.  He fails, but succeeds to draw the man’s attention.  He skids to a halt, tearing up the road, and turns to face Silver Dragon, throwing a punch at the same time.  The blow misses, but the force of it causes a sonic boom.


The rest of the Watch arrive, and try to subdue the stranger.  Sovereign recognizes him as Major Power, a lost hero from WWII.  He tells the rest of the team, asking that they use minimum force.  Physical blows seem to have no effect on him, but Mindblaze’s mental blasts slowly whittles away at his defenses until a combined effort from him, Andromeda, and Polestar succeeds in knocking Major Power unconscious.


The Watch escort Major Power to the Cage, where they try to find out what’s going on.  Major Power refuses to cooperate, only replying with his code name and service number.  Frustrated, Sovereign asks Andromeda and Outsider to stand guard outside his cell while the rest of the Watch returned to the Hall of Vigilance to conduct some research.


Later that evening, a flash of energy dazzles Outsider and Andromeda for a moment.  Before they can react, the Golden Ankh appears in Major Power’s cell, touches him on the shoulder, and the pair disappear. 

* * * * *

I have to admit that this went really well. The general comments from the group where, "Wow, that was tough". 

I was a bit surprised at how Kid Rush let the ball drop during his highlight, as my intention was that he would catch the perp (who was a team-mate of Major Power), and that Major power would escape.  A quick change of plans, and the game was back on track :)

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