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Adults to Children

I'm looking at running an adventure for my group where the player characters are all turned into children around the ages of 6-10.  At the moment, all I have is that seed, and a potential villain called Pouk.  

Now Pouk is an alien being, similar to an Eternal (for those who know anything about the Watchverse, he is a Traxonian), who has been known to play pranks on others before.   Currently, the player characters are also aware that Pouk is responsible for the amnesia that is plaguing the remaining Traxonians on Earth. They don't really know why he is doing it, only that he has.

I really don't want the trick that Pouk plays on the player characters to be connected to the Amnesia trick, but I'm kind of at a loss to why he does it, or how the player characters figure it out.  Pouk, BTW, is basically your eternal naughty boy, who has pretty much PLX rank illusion powers.

Any help or suggestions regarding this would be great.  Normally, I'm great at nutting out adventures, but this one is really giving me a hard time.

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