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Out OF Time – Part Two

Not sure if anyone is reading these, but until someone asks me to stop, I'll keep posting

With Friends Like These…


Mindblaze and Terry researched Major Power, the Golden Ankh, and the other members of the Super Squadron.  They discovered that Major Power was the subject of comic book stories, theatre and television serials, even a number of movies.  The information on him was vast, but much of it uncorroborated.  Further information could be found regarding the Golden Ankh, who didn’t seem to possess the amount of fame as Major Power, still had a semblance of a following, most importantly, Mindblaze learns that the Golden Ankh requires the mirror of Kesh-Atum to teleport, and that he possessed two ravens. Further research reveals that the mirror now belongs to Bruce Hanson, the leader of an extremist white supremacist group known as White Nation.


Sovereign engaged his many contacts within the Australian Government, to gain access to the site of Dr Gozu’s lab in Nagasaki, but due to the international nature of the request, it would take some time.


Kid Rush took advantage of Sovereign’s breaks to discuss with him some of his concerns regarding the Watch’s lack of teamwork.  Sovereign explains that he has been trying to initiate some team bonding activities, but they won’t work if they aren’t attended.  Kid Rush agrees, and Sovereign suggests that perhaps a power-free game of cricket would but a fun way for the team to bond.


With his discussion with Sovereign over, Kid Rush then visited Mindblaze to ask him if there was some way that the psychic could help protect him from Psiatica’s powers.  Mindblaze advised that anything he tried could potentially be detecting by the telepathic villain.  Mindblaze also noticed the tell-tale signs the Kid Rush had already under some mental compulsion.  Kid Rush agreed to be examined, and Mindblaze discovered that the Emerald Speedster had been given two mental commands – not to do anything to hurt Psiatica, and to do anything that she asked of him.


Kid Rush denied that he was under any mental manipulation, and wouldn’t allow Mindblaze to clear him of the compulsion.  Kid Rush did agree though, that Mindblaze could discuss his suspicions with Sovereign.


Finally, Kid Rush organized to meet with Psiatica that night, to update her on his encounter with Colin Peters.


Silver Dragon, confused by all the talk regarding WWII heroes decides to do his own research into the war. His discoveries sicken him, and once again he wonders why he is spending time in the outside world.


Outsider continued his search for the missing boy, Carson Hunter.  His search finally bore fruit when a citizen recognized an image of the boy and directed Outsider to a local shopping centre.  Outsider asked to review any security tapes, and discovered that Carson had been in contact with another, older boy.  The two disappeared from camera view, and then the older boy reappeared, dusting off his clothes before leaving the centre.  Carson never reappeared.  Going to the area where the boys were last seen, Outsider discovers a pile of ash hidden in a fire-hose cabinet. Asking Polestar to join him, Outsider advised him of the situation. Polestar scooped up the dust and took it to the Hall of Vigilance for Terry to analyze.  After several hours, Terry advises Polestar and Outsider that the dust was a collection of carbon, sodium, chlorides, magnesium, and other trace elements in proportions that you would expect to find in a human body.  Both Polestar and Outsider agree that Carson must have been a Dire Skreel, and had ‘subsumed’ the older boy.  Outsider feels it would be best to talk to Carson’s uncle and aunt, first to advise them that they suspect that Carson had passed away, and secondly to ensure that they themselves where not aliens in disguise.


The visit to Carson’s relatives house revealed that neither his aunt nor uncle were Dire Skreel, and neither where their 2 children.  An examination of Carson’s room also turned up a pile of dust hidden under his bed.  Fearing the worst, this dust too was delivered to the Hall of Vigilance for Terry to analyze.


Later that night, Kid Rush in his secret ID of Danny arrives at Psiatica’s penthouse apartment.  He explained to her that he had arrived at Coolin’s place too late, and that he had already been murdered.  Psiatica, angry at Danny’s failure slams the dorr of her bedroom closed, telling him to leave her alone as she needed to come up with some way of recouping the money that Colin had stolen from her.  As he was about to leave, Danny hears a scream of fear coming from Psiatica’s room.  Opening the door, he surprises a black cloaked and cowled man floating in the air over Psiatica.  The man turns and faces Danny, and Danny feels paralyzed by feelings of guilt over the harm that he had caused others over his life.  Regardless of the consequences, Danny rushes into the room, graps the almost catatonic Psiatica, and then flees down the fire escape.  As he leaves, the cloaked man tells Ryan that no matter how fast he runs, he will never be able to run far enough away to escape his sins.


Arriving at a hospital, Danny had Psiatica seen by an ER doctor while he waits.  Hours pass, and finally the doctor says that Danny can now see Psiatica, but she is still in a delicate state and not to tire her. Conversely, Psiatica has no interest in remaining in hospital, though she has no recollection of how she got there, she wants Danny to take her home, not to her penthouse, but to a beach house where she says she will feel safer.  Danny agrees, and once he is sure she is safe, returns to the Hall of Vigilance to report.


Once he has finished reporting, both Sovereign and Mindblaze immediately recognize the description of the Revenant, another member of the Super Squadron – missing since WWII.

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