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Watch Unlimited

Ran a one-shot for my group last night that panned out far better than I thought it would. About half my normal compliment couldn't make it, so I quickly knocked up an adventure out in space with a hijacked space-liner.

Polestar (our Green Lantern homage) received a call from another Polestar informing him that Janro Ka (there's an Easter Egg in there), a notorious space pirate and his followers had taken everyone on the Galactic Princess hostage, as was going to kill them if 74 cubic tons of iridium weren't delivered to him in 24 hours. Polestar took off, taking Outsider (Superman homage), Kid Rush (Flash homage), and Silver Dragon (kinda Iron Fist/Shang Chi homage) with him.

Some clever thinking, and the team used a comet head to sneak up to the liner and made their way onboard. From there they split up, with the mook busters Kid Rush and Silver Dragon taking on the pirates that were guarding the hostages while Polestar and Outsider went after Janro. The mook buster cleaned up, but the other two realized quickly that they had underestimated the pirate. A short battle later, which involved energy blasts, damaged control consoles, and accidental explosive decompression, Janro was captured. Unfortunately, all the shenanigans on the bridge caused the ships power generator to overload, and the heroes had to remove it from the ship. Outsider did the heroic thing, and teleported with the device far out into space, knowing that it would leave him unable to defend himself from the blast (due to flaws on his teleport power).

The heroes saved the day, we had a brilliant time, but alas Janro was transmatted out of the heroes grasp by his followers and escaped. Still, not a single civilian lost their lives and the Watch's reputation continues to grow beyond the reaches of their home planet.
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Deleted comment

It was a lot of fun, Steve. Outsider proved to be more than a capable leader in this scenario, which surprised most of us. It was also good to see Polestar in his element (out in space). I plan on having more cosmic adventures now that the campaign has struck PL 15.
I'll see your Janro Ka and raise you a Kanjar Ro. ^_^

Sounds like a damn fun game. Wish I had people around here I could play M&M with. :/
Thanks furrysaint. If was indeed fun with a captial F. I'm really lucky to have so many people locally to play the Greatest Superhero Game Ever with.
AND you are so right about the Easter Egg. Give the man a No Prize.